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The day it was supposed to rain, the sky was beautiful.


A New Book of Ekphrastic Poetry

by Robin Gabbert is now Available

Did you know that paintings can tell stories?

Perhaps you did.

But did you know they sometimes tell

secrets as well — whispering

unexpected confidences and tales

to their friends, particularly to poets??

from the Preface

Art & Poems are paired in this book of Poetry that Napa County Poet Laureate Marianne Lyon says, “journey us into painted worlds with words as our guide… in sonorous fashion, much like art songs.

The Clandestine Life of Paintings in Poems is Now Available on Amazon

Diary of a Mad Poet

is the first volume of Poetry published by writer Robin Gabbert.

Robin is a retired lawyer who, for many years, yearned to escape the world of litigation and legal briefs and return to her roots as a Creative Writing Major, particularly to writing poetry.

Since doing so, her poems have been published by Redwood Writers in their 2020 and 2021 Poetry Anthologies, And Yet… and Beyond Distance , and her poem Terri was published by the California Writers Club in their 2020 Literary Review.

Author/Poet Jonah Raskin has this to say about Robin Gabbert’s new book…

“Robin Gabbert’s new book of poems, Diary of a Mad Poet—her first published book—comes out of pain and loss, fire and cancer, but they are also poems of healing and joy, family ties and friendships. Some take place in the far away past, others in the near present. Some experiment with form and the arrangement of words on the page. In one poem the author asks “Has God deserted you?/ Was he ever there to?” All together, Gabbert’s individual poems add up to a portrait of a life lived fully. They offer hope to readers like the author herself who have come through troubles and who delight in the powers of memory and the rigors of the English language.”                          

Jonah Raskin is the author six poetry chapbooks, including Rock ‘n’ Roll Women.


Poet Les Bernstein says this about Diary of a Mad Poet…

The poems in The Diary of a Mad Poet almost span a lifetime. Robin Gabbert’s voice is vivid and authentic. “A heart already explodes. It bursts with love. With branches reaching in every direction, invisible, yet supporting many.” This collection of poems is honest and tender and … so is the poet.

Les Bernstein author of Borderland, Naked Little Creatures and Amid the Din


“Writing is the painting of the voice.”






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